Monday, February 28, 2011

Simple Pleasures

Week of March 6: Milk does not come from the "butt" of a cow, dear little first grader, that is called an udder. You are precious, don't let that fact scare you, and please keep drinking your milk...

This week I look and I have one follower, Mags, you win the prize, which is...nothing! Sorry, I am just an educator.:) Thanks for being my groupie! My mom even knows I have a blog and actually read mine last week! I love you mom and didn't realize you were such a techie!

Ok, let's get to my thought of the week. I am not hard to please, I enjoy the simple pleasures in life. So, like most American women, I reserve my Monday nights for Brad Womack and his second time search for love on the Bachelor. Sure, his first attempt was far from a success, but once again he is trying to find love and doing it again on national television~no pressure, right?

So each week, like most of my friends,  I reserve 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. to watch twenty plus girls chase after this one guy. Each week a few girls get sent home, cry, and profess their love for someone they didn't really even know in the first place. Why do I watch it? I admit I do have a love/hate relationship for this show, meaning, as hard as I try not to watch it each season, I do tend to get sucked in. If I watch the first episode, I am in for the long haul and can't miss one week. During the commercials, I get texts from my friends and it is nice for me to feel as if I am watching the show with someone! I can't wait for the final rose ceremony and tell myself, after each season, that I am never going to engage in wasting numerous hours of my life watching something so mindless and unintellectual as this show. Those two hours each Monday could be good reading hours or they could be spent doing something to better my own life. I could have worse habits I guess...

I think there has been one successful marriage that has evolved from the Bachelorette show. I know it is not actually a true reflection of real life or how to relate while dating a new person.When you are in a South African paradise no one argues over who is driving the kids to dance class or basketball practice. There are not conversations to decide if you will buy generic ketchup or Hunt's. My idea is to have Chris Harrison host a special show where the couples do real-life activities such as shopping for groceries or doing dishes together and see who bails first from the show. I want to see the couples thumb wrestling over the remote or doing rock-paper-scissors to decide what kind of laundry detergent they will use, that is somewhat closer to real-life.However, my show would probably not be a big hit, so I will not receive the millions from my non-existent show.

I am not one to judge or make decisions about the relationships of others. I know life and relationships are not easy. It is a tough dating world out there right now and the older you get, the tougher it gets...For most of us older daters, it seems easier to stay set in our ways and remain at home alone. I do not enjoy the bar scene and rarely have anyone say that they have someone that is "perfect for me". I had never imagined being unmarried and childless at almost 40 years old. Where does the time go?

For the time being, I am enjoying my life, a path more uncertain than it was when I was in my 20s. I hug my pooches, go to my great job, and come home to dinners which are usually quick and alone. Maybe I just need to try harder and put myself out there? No National Television for me, however, but no matter what, I can always be thankful for each day and the simple pleasures it can bring...

Simple Pleasures

The piercing sun softly touches a face,
Warmth gently fills and smooths your skin.

Sweet smiles, quick whispers, and a telling nod,
Love reaches a hand to easily grab and capture you.

Delicate flowers flowing swiftly in the breeze,
Colors cheerfully blanket each of your surroundings.

Subtle sounds of life quickly fill an empty morning,
Excitement follows for all the miracles still left to come.

Karen L. Hosier
winter of 2011

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Week of February 27: Do not assume all children do not want to learn. Some students want to learn and may even try to take the teacher's manual home...

Blog smog, why not? I like to write. I am, by no means, a writer. Sure, I wrote a great thesis, but I consider myself more of a bookworm. I really enjoy writing poems, so I am going to include one of my poems on each of my blogs. Here is a recent one fitting for today:


The amiability of the sun,
Gently embraces your face.
Blooms and new life,
Envelop all that you see.

Life looks altered,
The feeling of uncertainty is evident
Changes bring new experiences
Yet the familiarity of peace exists.

Finding oneself again,
Can be exhilarating and inspiring.
Embrace all you do with passion,
And life's exuberance will surround your days.

Karen L. Hosier
*Written with love for Terrick Giefer, 2010
I think about how much life has changed for me over the past five years. I have great family, friends, doggies, and others I adore. Change can be painful, but many good things can happen to you as life changes.