Friday, November 14, 2014

At a Turtle's Pace

How it all goes on...Life's miracles...Great mixtures of sadness and beauty...
Slowing down today to smell the roses, or flowers, should be an expression for each day. Life has been moving by so quickly, yet also slowly at the same time. Hours, days, months, years...I sometimes can't imagine how it all goes on... 

Everything in my life seems to be moving at a fast pace, yet most of the time I feel as if I am stuck in slow motion. I feel as if to be moving at a turtle's pace when it comes to my inner thoughts and emotions.

I am slow, but still thankful to be in life's race. I recently completed my seventh marathon, the NYC Marathon in November. Three weeks before the race I decided (after months of training to prepare) I was not going to New York to run the marathon. During October, I found myself engulfed with two cortisone injections, numerous chiropractic appointments, and not being able to run over 8 miles without pain. I was uncertain how I would go to the marathon and even finish. It is amazing the clarity that comes from discussing something so personal and important with a young individual. My former student wanted me to run the race and to have fun while walking and running. I decided to pray for a finish and not to further injure myself. Looking back it was a wonderful and memorable experience and I was so thankful to complete the NYC Marathon. I was blessed with the opportunity to even be slow and to still have the strength and courage to race with all other challenges I have faced throughout the past month and throughout my lifetime.

Blessings can consume a person, hurt can invade your life, and forgiveness can save and repair those crushed facets of your existence. Life is so precious and fragile... New special moments can repair broken pieces of your life or loss experienced and make you feel whole if only even for a second, moment, or day.

I say a special pray today, "Let the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious unto you."

We have all been born, are going to live, and will pass one day...We have choices in how to venture through the moments that are before us. There are bold, life defining moments in how we love others. Sometimes forgotten is the remembrance to be kind to our own souls and minds. 
Look to Life for Pain, Greatness, Memories, Hope, and Uncertainty