Friday, November 15, 2013

Forever Young

Forever Young...You will always remain young in our memories. We can mourn our pasts, but greater... is mourning that future which will never take place.

I will be at peace because of your wish for kindness in my direction. 

The greatest and most painful days and moments in my life have created wonderful and also heart-breaking memories. I believe my experiences have caused me to appreciate and to love all that surrounds me each day of my life.

I long for understanding, peace, and solace about the past. I can never fathom the whys and hows of everything that has occurred, but through the support of friends and family I have gained some clarity and a lot of strength. Above all things, I strive each day to forgive, accept, and move forward.

I mourned also losing another father...God forgave those who also threw unfair additional pain in my direction. I know those actions didn't accomplish anything but pain and they certainly didn't bring you back.

I know that each new year, holiday, and event will never be an experience for you on Earth. Memories of the past will always remain a comfort for the future.